If you’re looking for an all-out, high-octane RC experience, then the Outcast 4WD 8S BLX Stunt Truck is a perfect choice. With its powerful brushless motor and 8S LiPo compatibility, this truck can reach speeds of up to 50+ mph, making it one of the fastest stunt trucks on the market. And thanks to its 4WD drivetrain and high-grip tires, the Outcast can handle any terrain you throw at it. Whether you’re shredding the streets or tearing up the dirt, the Outcast is ready for action.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Outcast 4WD 8S BLX Stunt Truck today and experience RC like never before!


– Powerful brushless motor for speeds of up to 50+ mph

– 8S LiPo compatibility for increased power and performance

– 4WD drivetrain for superior traction and handling

– High-grip tires provide exceptional grip on any surface

– Ready to run right out of the box – just add batteries!


Length: 15.8″ (402mm)

Width: 10.6″ (269mm) Height: 7.1″ (180mm) Wheelbase: 11.4″ (290mm) Weight w/o Batteries: 5.9lbs (2.7kg) Motor Type: Brushless, 3400Kv Speed Control: BLX185 w/ IC5

why did you choose 1/5 outcast 4wd 8s blx stunt truck rtr?

There are many reasons why I chose the 1/5 Outcast 4WD 8S BLX Stunt Truck RTR. First and foremost, I was looking for a truck that could handle the roughest of terrain and still perform well. The Outcast definitely delivers in that regard. It also has an impressive amount of power, which is perfect for stunting and other high-intensity activities. Finally, the build quality and overall design of the truck are top-notch, which ensures that it will be able to withstand plenty of abuse. All in all, the 1/5 Outcast 4WD 8S BLX Stunt Truck RTR is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful and durable stunt truck.

8s outcast:

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what are the pros and cons of 1/5 outcast 4wd 8s blx stunt truck rtr?

The pros of the 8s outcast are that it is very powerful and can do some pretty amazing stunts. The cons are that it is a bit expensive and can be difficult to control if you are not experienced. Overall, it is a great truck and would be perfect for anyone who is looking to do some serious off-roading or stunt driving.