The SK904-5pcs PPR Cement Steel Nail Water Pipe Hanging is a product designed to assist with the installation and hanging of PPR water pipes. It includes a set of five hanging fixtures or supports specifically tailored for PPR pipes.

These hanging fixtures are constructed using a combination of PPR material, cement, and steel nails. PPR (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) is a durable plastic commonly used for water pipes due to its resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.


The purpose of the SK904-5pcs PPR Cement Steel Nail Water Pipe Hanging is to provide a secure and stable method for suspending PPR water pipes. The steel nails included in the set allow for easy attachment to a surface, such as a wall or ceiling.

By using these hanging fixtures, you can ensure that your PPR water pipes are securely fastened, minimizing the risk of damage or leaks. The cement component helps to enhance the stability of the installation, providing an added layer of support.

SK904-5pcs PPR Cement Steel Nail Water Pipe Hanging

It’s important to note that specific installation instructions and guidelines may vary depending on the manufacturer or brand of the SK904-5pcs PPR Cement Steel Nail Water Pipe Hanging. It’s recommended to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or consult a professional if you’re unsure about the installation process.

SK904-5pcs PPR Cement Steel Nail Water Pipe Hanging

Remember to always prioritize safety and consider local building codes and regulations when working with water pipes or any plumbing-related installations.

SK904-5pcs: This could be a product code or SKU assigned by a manufacturer or retailer. It helps identify the specific product.

PPR: PPR stands for Polypropylene Random Copolymer, which is a type of plastic commonly used for water pipes. It’s known for its durability and resistance to high temperatures.

Cement: Cement refers to a substance used for bonding or securing materials together. In the context of water pipes, it’s possible that cement is used for attaching or connecting the pipes.

Steel Nail: Steel nails are small, pointed metal fasteners used for securing objects to a surface. In this case, steel nails might be included as part of the hanging mechanism for the water pipes.

Water Pipe Hanging: This term suggests that the product is designed for suspending or hanging water pipes, likely in a stable and secure manner.


Based on this interpretation, it seems that the product you’re referring to is likely a set of 5 hanging fixtures or supports specifically designed for PPR water pipes. These fixtures may include steel nails for attaching them to a surface, possibly with the use of cement for added stability.

Please note that without more information about the specific product or brand, this is a general understanding based on the provided description. If you have any additional details or requirements, feel free to let me know, and I’ll do my best to assist you further.