A quick and energy-efficient tool for making fresh and vitaminized fruit juices is the Lamacom juice extractor! Perfect for grapefruits Electric Juicer Rechargeable

  • Making orange and lemon juice with just two cones
  • a cone to squeeze as much juice as possible from citrus fruits
  • Automatic shutdown: once you release the button
  • For stability on the work surface, use non-slip feet.
  • Integrated cable management for convenient storage

Electric Juicer Rechargeable

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There are several types of press agrees. The price is not the only deciding factor. The details listed below are also crucial for locating the press blend that will suit you the best.

In comparison to presse agrume “podium,” presse agrume de “comptoir”
The Comptoir juice machine is intended for the CHR market since it is simple to install on a computer or even available for free service for some models.

The “podium” juice machine is more appropriate for establishments wanting to offer free service by filling up fresh juice bottles.

The speed of the citrus press’s flow
Depending on the model selected, the output of each citrus press or orange press varies.

The recommended daily intake of citrus fruit must be carefully evaluated.

A modest orange press can handle 10 to 12 fruits per minute, just for your information. 15 fruits may be processed in a medium-sized orange press each minute.

What you use your citrus press for Choosing whether to offer service by the glass, service by the bottle, or even self-serve is crucial.

The area you have in your business
The width and height of an orange press that will be set on a counter are around 47 cm and 80 cm, respectively.

A self-serve compact machine is around 58 cm wide and 160 cm high.

See the product papers to learn all the specifics, such as the cost and the terms of delivery, of each expert citrus press or orange press.


Brigade Hocaré has selected for you a range of quality professional citrus presses and orange presses at the best price.


Citrus pressing is a demanding task. You have to cut the fruit by dirtying your work surface and then squeeze the oranges or others one by one.

The automatic citrus or orange press saves you valuable time thanks to a fully automatic system. You just have to insert your oranges or other citrus fruits without cutting them and the machine takes care of everything. In less than 10 seconds, the citrus press takes care of cutting, pressing, and filtering the fruit to serve you a very fresh juice.


Equipping yourself with a professional citrus press is a very good financial operation. First of all, you increase your turnover, because it is a “customer magnet” machine that relies on a very attractive design. The marketing promise is strong: enjoy a delicious fresh fruit juice that is good for your health.

In addition, the margin on squeezed orange juice is 70% on average.


Most citrus presses are made of stainless steel (inox).

Stainless steel is a very solid material that guarantees your machine a long life. The motor is designed to withstand intensive use, so don’t worry about this.

In addition, the maintenance and cleaning of citrus presses are simplified. Simply disassemble the removable parts and wash them in warm soapy water. Using a soft sponge and a food-grade degreaser, you can clean the stainless steel part of the machine.