• Blasts through soap scum, mildew, calcium, lime, and hard water stains
  • Powerful brushes spin at 300 rpm like a tornado through dirt
  • Extends to over 4 feet long to reach every corner with no bending!
  • Three interchangeable heads to cope with every cleaning challenge
  • No need for harsh abrasive chemicals!
  • Not just for bathrooms, use outdoors on dirty wheels and garden furniture
  • Cordless and rechargeable so no cables and no plugs


The Hurricane Spin Scrubber sweeps through the tiniest dirt, grime, soap scum, lime, and lime stains like a hurricane! Featuring three interchangeable heads, an incredible 300rpm spin speed, and an extension pole, it allows you to reach every corner of your bathroom without bending over or reaching.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber isn’t just a breath of fresh air for your bathroom, it’s a spinning cyclone that cleans surfaces under your sink, shower, and everywhere!

Cleaning bathrooms presents a host of challenges that everyday cleaning cannot afford. The buildup of limescale, soap scum, and grime is bad enough, but beyond repairing the rows and rows of hard-to-reach joints between glazed tiles, tarnished shower walls, and floor-to-ceiling mold-infested corners, No wonder it’s the number one problem area in the house is cleaning.

no longer!

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber laughs at scale and makes fun of mold!

With a super powerful motor that spins at 300rpm and three different interchangeable heads, there’s no surface in your bathroom that it can’t clean!

The flat brush is ideal for large areas of floor and wall tile, polishing and removing surface dirt.

The corner brush is tapered so it can target those usually forgotten corners, door rails, trim, and around faucets. It also gets deep into the grout line to remove mold and mildew.

This all-purpose brush is great for room corners, around toilet and sink bases, and even up high to clean the undercuts and tops of tile and backsplashes.

With little or no cleaning fluid required, the power of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber will keep your bathroom spotless and take all the hassle out of scrubbing.

But there’s more!

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has an extended pole that extends its reach by more than 4 feet, is cordless, and is powered by a rechargeable battery. This implies that you may clean high-up regions like shower heads, tile tops, and ceilings without bending down to clean low-down parts like the floor of your shower or bath, skirting boards, and floor tiles.

Without exerting any effort or dragging a cable from a far-off wall outlet, reach across the bathtub or shower cubicle!

Also, utilize Hurricane Spin Scrubber outside the restroom! even in front of the home!

Clean your car’s wheels off the filthy, black brake dust, and wash the outdoor furniture to remove mold and debris. Burn stains from oven doors and barbecues with a blaster

When you’ve successfully removed the tough-to-clean, challenging stains and filth from your house, you’ll quickly realize that the Hurricane Spin Scrubber eliminates ALL the stress and labor-intensive scrubbing duties.